When working with AI applications such as Chat GPT for text creation or Midjourney for image creation, the crucial aspect for users is to find precise prompts that tell the AI what to write or create. This includes articulating and formulating the appropriate wording and entering it into the prompt field, which is currently becoming an essential skill for the modern era of content creation. Creating prompts is a crucial aspect of working with artificial intelligence (AI) because it involves creating a set of instructions or questions that drive the output of an AI model. The quality and precision of these prompts have a significant impact on the performance, accuracy and overall results of the AI model.

What is Prompt crafting?
Prompt crafting involves creating a set of instructions or commands that control the output of an AI application. AI models are designed to learn patterns and relationships in large data sets, and prompt crafting provides a way to direct the model's learning process towards a specific outcome or task. Prompts can be in the form of text, images, audio or any other input format that the AI model can understand.

Why is Prompt crafting relevant?
Effective prompt crafting is important to achieve accurate and reliable results from AI models. Prompts help the AI model understand what task it needs to perform and how it should perform it, minimising the risk of producing irrelevant or incorrect results. This is particularly important when, for example, copywriters or designers have a clear idea of a text or image and instruct the AI to approximate that idea.
Darüber hinaus können sich KI-Modelle durch das Prompt Crafting an neue Aufgaben und Kontexte anpassen, was sie vielseitiger und wertvoller für eine breite Palette von Anwendungen macht, d.h. eine KI-Anwendung „lernt“ durch präzise Prompts dazu.

Neue Geschäftsmodelle entstehen mit effektiven Prompts
Die Nachfrage nach KI-gestützten Lösungen steigt in allen Branchen rapide an, vom Gesundheitswesen über das Finanzwesen bis hin zur Fertigung und Unterhaltung. Infolgedessen entstehen neue Geschäftsmodelle, die sich auf die Bereitstellung effektiver Eingabeaufforderungen für bestimmte KI-Anwendungen konzentrieren.
Ein Beispiel ist der Markt für die Verarbeitung natürlicher Sprache (NLP), wo Unternehmen Prompts entwickeln, die es KI-Modellen ermöglichen, menschenähnliche Sprache zu verstehen und zu erzeugen. Diese Prompts können für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen verwendet werden, darunter Chatbots, Sprachassistenten und die Erstellung von Inhalten.
Another example is the image and video creation market, where companies are developing prompts that enable AI models to create and generate images and videos from scratch, based on millions of existing image and video data.

The creation of prompts is an important aspect of working with AI models. Effective prompts guide the learning process of the AI model and lead to accurate and reliable results. As demand for AI-powered solutions continues to grow, new business models are emerging that focus on providing effective prompts for specific AI applications. These prompts are driving the development of new AI-enabled products and services that are reshaping industries and changing the way we live and work.

Here are some examples of generating prompts for specific AI applications:
Natural language processing: Prompt: "Write a response for customer service to a complaint about a late delivery"
Image generation: Prompt: "Illustration of a young programmer in front of a screen, dark background, digital elements spiral, screen shows a spherical model with mesh sticking out of the screen" The generated image can be seen here on the page, created with Midjourney.
Speech recognition: Prompt: "Transcribe a 2-minute audio clip of a customer service call"
Recommendation systems: Prompt: "Suggest a playlist based on the user's previous listening behaviour"
Sentiment analysis: Prompt: "Analyse customer reviews for a new product and determine the general sentiment".

Effective prompts for specific AI applications are designed to provide the necessary context and information that the AI model needs to produce accurate and relevant results. By creating effective prompts, businesses and individuals can harness the power of AI to improve efficiency, productivity and decision-making.